Keith started his musical journey in the fifth grade, at the age of 9, when he started playing in the marching band. He learned to read music and played various percussion instruments including snare, xylophone, timpani, and bass drum. Keith's current interests include writing lyrics and poetry, writing, arranging, recording, and performing music, and teaching others to play drums. He enjoys watching movies, reading, listening to many styles of music, and spending time with his family. As well as studying history, political figures, metaphysics, the law of attraction, NLP, and ancient alien theory, just to name a few.

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Studio Work

Take your recorded music to the next level by adding that real drum sound. Keith can learn a part that has already been written, write brand new parts, or do a combination of the two.


Over 10 years of teaching experience to help you reach your musical goals. In your house or his; all skill levels. Beginner to advanced; all ages

Live Fill-In

Got a gig coming up but your regular drummer is sick, or otherwise unable to perform? Keith can learn the necessary parts quickly and help you pull off the show. Any and all styles of music.




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Located in Peoria, AZ

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